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  • Circumlocution
    Meaning: The use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea Story of my fuckin life 😩 In my mind it’s literally 3 words but when I express it to someone those 3 words turn into 20 😂 I think I pay attention to much to people’s reactions than the main purposeContinue reading “Circumlocution”
  • Silence 😌
    Close your eyes for at least a minute and give a moment of silence to ALL of your past loved ones who were close to your heart and the ones who were even at a distance (they all matter) 🤍🤍🤍🤍 🤍🤍🤍🤍 🤍🤍🤍🤍 Now that a minute has passed and we paid our respects, let’s beContinue reading “Silence 😌”
  • Please. Fear Watchu Don’t Know 🧠
    Look, another day another dollar She hate me when I leave cuz when I leave I never call her That’s life shit, alright, shit, I could call you right quick But if I call you gone be like “Boo why we haven’t skyped yet?” And I skype, bet you say “Lay where my flight at”Continue reading “Please. Fear Watchu Don’t Know 🧠”
  • My Honor 🏆
    Since childhood I was always the one getting picked on, I was ashamed of who I was! I always questioned myself I let people put me down I believed people even when they would lie I trusted those who weren’t trust worthy I let them talk shit about me and wouldn’t stand up for myselfContinue reading “My Honor 🏆”
  • 90 Days 🦾
    Note to self: Give yourself a 90 day challenge And once you’ve completed the 90th day look back and see how far you’ve come. Some days will be good and others days will be hard as fuck On those hard days don’t quit, push through and keep staying consistent People are going to judge you,Continue reading “90 Days 🦾”
  • WordDump💩
    Water your seeds everyday and soon enough you’ll have a garden Stay sweet to yourself, you deserve it Your hard work will speak for itself Only you see your own vision Don’t let others blind you from seeing the light at the end of your tunnel You can only depend on you Stay gracious evenContinue reading “WordDump💩”
  • I CAN DO IT ALL ❤️
    Without you in my energy Shoooo fly, you bother me Hurt me more than help me Kick me while I’m down Laugh at me like I’m a joke Underestimate me Fuck with my mind Act like you know me but don’t know shit about me I change like the seasons Who I was yesterday, IContinue reading “I CAN DO IT ALL ❤️”
  • One Night Lemonade Stand 🍋
    Sunset, The moons up High Bet, Lemonades 🍋 in your cup Dry but wet, that’s a quick fuck You failed the test, you broke trust More is less, dawn to dusk I think that one night lemonade stand was a bust!
  • Ruler of my Universe 🪐
    1. I manifest my dreams 2. I create the life I want and deserve 3. I will block any negativity 4. I will accept all positive energy 5. Even when I fall I will get back up 6. Even when I feel like the world is against me I will NOT stop achieving my dreamsContinue reading “Ruler of my Universe 🪐”
  • I hope they have headphones up in heaven 🎧
    Reality is people disturb peace so since I chose how my life goes…. I choose to turn the volume up and tune out. Music is my therapy! I’m mad, listen to music I’m sad, listen to music I’m happy, listen to music Fuck off! I’m listening to music Sometimes I find myself letting the worldContinue reading “I hope they have headphones up in heaven 🎧”